Why hasn't my order started? Where are the results?

Typically, a seller will respond almost immediately after your order begins.  If it's been more than 24 hours with no seller response and no results for your order you should message the seller via the order page to ask about your order progress. If seller is still unresponsive, you can request an order cancellation.

Here are some common reasons you may not be seeing results for your order: 

  • Payment declined, no order created: During the ordering process, you may receive an error code, such as:  

Error code 10554: Failed AVS Check (billing address entered doesn't match address on file with your bank) 

Error code 15005: your bank or company (processor) issuing your credit/debit card has declined the transaction with us.   

Error code 15004: Incorrect CVV or expiration date

Due to the nature of this error, the funds for the transaction may be set aside as a pending transaction by your bank. These funds will not be collected by us and will be returned to you per your bank's policy.  Contact your financial institution to fix the issue.  


  • Your order is incomplete: For buyer protection, your order will not be sent to the seller until you have entered your details on the order page. Check here to find out how to start your incomplete order.


  • Seller is on vacation or not working on the weekend. Allow a reasonable amount of time from the start of your order and taking into consideration there may be a delay on weekends or holidays. Most sellers will reply as soon as they are online and available for work.  


  • Seller is inactive and unable to complete work: Check the 'last logged in' date which is under the seller's avatar. If the seller hasn't logged in since before your order started, you should ask for order cancellation or contact support for assistance.


  • Seller is busy and cannot accept new work: If the seller has many orders for that service, you may experience delay in the start of your order. Check to see how many orders are in progress and how many of these orders are late. Message the seller via the order page to ask about the status of your order. If the seller doesn't respond in a reasonable time, you can choose to wait or ask for order cancellation.

If your attempts to resolve the matter with seller fails, please contact support (or reply back on the support request you created) for further assistance.

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