I opened a Paypal dispute. Why haven't I received a refund?

Creating a Paypal dispute against an open or cancelled order will not automatically grant a refund and may slow the process of receiving your money back. 

When you open a dispute, Paypal seizes the funds associated with your order, and holds until the resolution of your case (typically 10 - 20 days) or until both parties have responded and a determination made.

For this reason, we are unable to refund an order until your dispute is closed.    

Once the dispute is closed, Paypal will release the funds back to us, at which time your order will automatically reopen. You can then cancel the order properly and the funds will be returned to your account balance.

From there please let us know and if the order meets the criteria a manual refund on that order will be processed.

------ How To Cancel An Order ------

To cancel an order first go to your order URL.  Select the "Cancel" tab which is located in the top of the reply text box. From there simply enter a reason for the cancellation and click "Submit", this will start the cancellation process. Once the cancellation process completes either by the Seller accepting or 48 hours passing the money is returned to your account. 

If you are having issues cancelling your order, please contact support to assist.



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    Hello, I have not received a refund for the 2 orders, my video has car step was deleted by youtube

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