Why did I receive an infraction?

When your account receives an infraction, it will be automatically demoted to Level 1 until the infraction expires. 

You will usually receive an email explaining the infraction.  You can also view all infractions on your account by visiting your public profile and scrolling to the bottom of page.

Common reasons for receiving an infraction, include:

  • Creating bid on disallowed service (such as Facebook/Instagram/illegal)
  • Creating a disallowed or illegal service or product
  • Low quality workmanship on an order
  • Not responding for an extended time on an order
  • Threatening, harassing, abusive or unprofessional language or behavior
  • Spamming (PM, service comments, FAQs)
  • Giving out Skype or other contact info (asking for outside contact)
  • Asking for direct payment (also a bannable offense)   



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    thanks for sharing

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    Abu Sayed

    I don't Understand what's my forgery ? I don't any Forgery offer any parson. I think this is your OR my Mistake .

    Please Tell Me what's forgery.
    sir Long time working your marketplace. I'm not Forgery. Please Don't banned my account.

    Please sir please give me help. and back my account.

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    I am really sorry, I don't understand how to talk with you,
    last 5-6 month I am very sick,so I don't contact with you
    I am very sorry for my behave
    I promise that will not any bad behave next time
    I do the work trustly

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