How to pay with bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin payment is available on all of our marketplaces. The process for hiring for a seller and paying with bitcoin is very similar to PayPal or Payza. Payments are collected by a third-party, BitPay. You do not need an account with BitPay to send bitcoin payments. 

How to pay with bitcoin

  1. Click the order button for the service you'd like to purchase.
  2. In the Payment Options section, under Cryptocurrency click the Pay using Bitcoin link.
  3. This will generate a custom invoice and forward you to BitPay. You should be presented with a page such as this:

    1. If you have locally installed wallet software, clicking the Pay with Bitcoin button will launch your preferred bitcoin wallet software. The payment details will be filled out automatically. 
    2. If you do not have a local wallet (IE: your coins are hosted on the web), you'll need to manually send the funds to the address below the Pay with Bitcoin button. 

  4. The invoice and the payment address will be available for 15 minutes. You must submit your payment within 15 minutes of clicking the Pay with Bitcoin option. After 15 minutes the BTC address will no longer be available. The address you send funds to will change for each invoice you generate so never send funds to the previous address used.
  5. Once you've sent funds to the BitPay address, the invoice will update and forward you back to our marketplace thank you page. Your order should be created 10 minutes or less.
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