Someone is using my credit card (or PayPal/Payza account) fraudulently

Often times people do not recognize the company name (Ionicware Inc) but have ordered from one of our marketplaces. Our marketplaces are, and If you haven't heard of any of these, then the charge is likely fraudulent.

To expedite this process, please include the following information:

For Credit Cards

-Card / Account holder name
-City of the billing address associated with the card
-Exact dollar amount
-Date of charge(s)

Please do not send us your credit card number. 

For PayPal, please include the 16-18 digit Invoice ID.

For Payza, please include the reference ID number.

When fraud occurs we will refund all payments. Credit card refunds can take up to five days but are typically visible on your credit card statement in 24-48 hours. We recommend calling your credit card bank immediately and informing them of the fraudulent purchases. 

In addition, we submit all details of the fraudulent buyer to third party security systems to prevent further fraud. If you or your credit card company wishes to investigate the fraudulent use of your credit card, we will provide any information necessary to prosecute the fraudulent user. 

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