I received a "It looks like someone may have accessed your account" email

If you received an email indicating a new device has logged into your account and it was not you, follow these steps:

  1. Change your password immediately. You can change your password from within your settings area (click on your name, settings in the upper right). 
  2. Remove the users device which will destroy their session and log them out. You can view your devices from the device tab (left hand menu) in the settings area (click on your name, settings in the upper right).
  3. Add additional security items to your account. We highly recommend adding a phone number for phone verification. You can access the security tab by clicking on your name (upper right) and then selecting security.

    Adding additional security also enables two-factor authentication which requires an additional step when a new device logs into your account. 

  4. (Optional) Lock your account. After you have made any settings changes and if you do not frequently need to change your settings data, you can lock your account. This will prevent any additional changes to your account (it does not prevent orders). Lock your account by going to your settings area, scrolling down to the bottom and clicking "Lock this account". Your account can only be unlocked by a staff member, you must create a helpdesk ticket where we will identify you as the account owner in order to unlock the account. 


Please note that adding or changing a security feature or setting on one site will change it on all of our marketplaces. 

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