I'm not receiving SMS messages to my phone.

In some instances our SMS messages take several minutes to arrive, however, most are (and should be) instant. If an extended amount of time has passed (more than 20 minutes) and you still have not received our SMS message, check with your wireless provider that your wireless account is allowed to receive them. Our text messages can come from a six (6) digit phone number, please ensure that your provider supports this. Ionicware will also stop sending SMS messages if too many have been sent to you, so waiting a few minutes to an hour may allow messages to come through again. You should also check to make sure that your phone's inbox is not full and that no third-party spam filtering apps are blocking our text messages.

I'm being required to enter a code to continue login.

If you are being asked to enter a code in order to access your account but you are not receiving the code, we can verify your account based on your security answer (if set), secondary password (if set), address documentation (if verified) or identification (if verified). Once verified, we can remove your phone number from your profile.

If this is the case, please contact us by creating a new help desk ticket. 

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