I haven't received my email address verification

You should receive your email verification within a reasonable amount of time once you register your account, or change your account email address. If you haven't received your email verification from an Ionicware site, please check your spam or junk folder. The email will come from the site that you registered on below:

  1. @seoclerks.com
  2. @seoclerk.com
  3. @codeclerks.com
  4. @wordclerks.com
  5. @pixelclerks.com
  6. @listingdock.com
  7. @superiorthan.com
  8. @postloop.com
  9. @ionicware.com

If you still cannot find the verification email, check to ensure that you used the correct email address when signing up for your account. You may also need to white list our domain name with your email provider or add us to your contact list and resend your account verification email. 

If you are still unable to receive the email, please create a new ticket on the help desk to receive a response from an agent. 

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