How to start an incomplete order

After placing your order, you will be taken to the order page where you can write instructions to the seller to start your order. 

Your first message to the seller will automatically start the job. If you do not send this message, your job will never start. 

If you are not taken to your order page automatically after purchase, you can manually start the incomplete order in this way.


  •  Go to your Shopping tab, when signed in: Buyer > Shopping > My Shopping




  • Check under the 'Status' tab for an order marked, INCOMPLETE and click on that link
  • Read the seller's instructions (where it states, 'seller requires the following information in order to get started')
  • Scroll down until you see, "This order has not been started!" and enter the information requested by the seller into the text-box, i.e. Youtube link, website address, account username, etc. 



Once you click Send, the order will be sent to the seller who can begin work. 

If you can't find your order on your Shopping Tab, check your inbox for a confirmation email which will include your order link and instructions for starting your order.  

You may contact Support for additional assistance. 




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