Why can't I withdraw earnings?

If your account has been set as unwithdrawable, you will not be able to withdraw earnings or make a balance purchase and will receive this error message when attempting a withdrawal:  ""Your account has been placed into a moderation queue. You are not eligible to withdraw funds, please contact support." 

An account may be set as unwithdrawable for any of the following reasons: 

  • Seller delivering orders quickly with no work done
  • Seller offering illegal or disallowed services
  • Illegal activity
  • Affiliate coupon fraud
  • Repeated buyer complaints on orders 
  • Failure to respond to a buyer about a problem order
  • High fraud risk buyer/transaction
  • Buyer/Seller fraud (money funneling, ordering from self via linked account)
  • Hacked/stolen account
  • Abandoned buyer/seller account
  • ID/address verification required 

To find out the specific reason your account was restricted from withdrawal, please contact our support desk. Be sure to include your username and attach valid photo ID and address documents for faster resolution.




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