Why was my ebook rejected?



If your ebook is removed or rejected, you will receive an email to explain why.

Here are some of the reasons your ebook may have been deleted:


  • Asking for contact info/direct payment
  • Bad description/title 
  • Copy/paste description or title
  • Copyright image used 
  • Deadline mismatch
  • Disallowed service
  • Duplicate service by same seller 
  • Ebook file not attached
  • Illegal/scam/disallowed content
  • Inappropriate image
  • Malware/Spyware found in attached file
  • Misrepresentation
  • Not in English 
  • No rights to resell
  • Not the owner/creator
  • Not related to SEO/SMM
  • Price in title
  • Spam/Affiliate links
  • Unreadable or poorly written
  • Wrong category


If you are the creator of the ebook and/or have resell rights, please contact our support to show proof.



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    Jalandhar rathia

    Ok sir one more chance

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