Why was I demoted to Level 1?

You may lose your current userlevel and become demoted to Level 1 for any of the following reasons:


  • Unpromotable
  • Active infraction
  • User Classification changed
  • You fail to meet all userlevel requirements 
  • Increased response time
  • Temporary, related to internal algorithm

Please wait 24 hours before contacting support if your userlevel has recently changed. 

Account made unpromotable  

Typically, an account will be set as unpromotable (permanantly stuck at userlevel 1, with no chance of promotion) if the seller or buyer is found to be breaking TOS, such as userlevel/ratings fraud; buying from a linked account, etc.

Account received an infraction  

If your account is given an infraction, it will be automatically demoted to Level 1 until the infraction expires.  

You can view all active infractions at the bottom of your public profile page. 

Your userlevel will return once the infraction is expired.  Repeated infractions for the same offense can result in permanent account restriction or ban.

User classification changed

Your user classification may change from buyer to seller (or vice versa) if you are now focusing on a different type of site activity now than before (such as buying rather than selling)

You don't meet all the requirements of the userlevel anymore 

You may be demoted to Level 1 instantly if you fail to maintain the requirements for your current level.  For instance, if your rating falls below 90%, increase in response time; login less than once every seven days, etc.  

Review the userlevel requirements page

Increased response time

You must meet all the requirements to maintain your current userlevel, including response time of 72 hours or less.

If your userlevel has recently decreased, it may be due to increased response time.  Review all recent order updates to determine which late response may have caused the issue.  

Depending on which Ionicware Marketplace you use, you can access Your Response Times page, which shows a comprehensive analysis of your responses on every order for 30 days. 








Related questions about Response Time: 

How is my response time calculated?

Response time is calculated by the amount of time it takes you (as a seller) to respond to any comment or update to an order for the last 30 days. This calculation does not include your inbox, only the messages within orders. 

Why is my response time important?

As a seller, your userlevel is dependent upon your response time, that is how quickly you respond to every order update.  Your userlevel will be demoted automatically to Level 1 if you do not maintain a 72 hour or less response time.  

Why should a buyer care about my response time? 

Your response time is a good indicator of your punctuality and not only controls your userlevel but also acts as a trust meter.  

Where can I view my response time? 

Your response time shows on your public profile. 

When does my response time update?

Your response time changes every time you make a response to a user in an order URL.

Why is my response time fluctuating? 

Your response time is constantly changing as older responses that exceed 30 days fall off and new responses are made. 




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