Why can't I send a private message?

The most common reason for not being able to send a private message is automatic private message restriction.  This can happen if you are sending the same message repeatedly to other members. 

If you are PM restricted,  you will not be able to send private messages, comment publicly on a service, create a new service or WTB/Job bid or post in the Community Discussions. 

Common reasons for PM restriction

  • Seller spamming, advertising via PM, service comments
  • Buyer sending multiple identical messages to many sellers to ask about service
  • Spamming outside links such as to other Marketplaces
  • Submitting spam via Community Discussion
  • Restricted from using PM by staff for sending harassing, abusive, threatening messages
  • High fraud risk buyer (can't PM, create content, order, etc)

Please contact support to have the PM restriction removed.

Tips to avoid private message restriction:

  • Don't send the same message to more than one person (buyer or seller)
  • Tailor your message to the needs of the seller or buyer you are sending your message to 
  • Don't send spam advertising to other members to promote your services
  • Don't spam links to outside sites or Marketplaces
  • Do not offer to share your Skype or contact info
  • Do not ask for direct payment, such as via Paypal
  • Do not advertise your own service links via another seller's service comments
  • Do not link drop to advertise your own services in the Community Discussion
  • Only contact buyers whom you have previous orders or who have expressed interest in your services
  • Do not send multiple messages to a buyer to request removal of negative rating
  • Do not argue with your buyer (or seller) via PM about the order.  Contact support for order assistance.
  • Do not engage in harassing, threatening or abusive behavior to any other member


If you are a buyer please create a Job or WTB in our Marketplace, rather than messaging multiple sellers about your needs. You will need to phone verify first. 



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