How to create a service

To create your SEOClerks service, you will want to follow these simple steps.


Sign into your SEOClerks account here:

Mouse over Seller - Sell - in your menu bar (top of page)


Select 'Sell a Service' from drop down menu.  (You may also choose other types of services to sell such as Sell Tweets; Sell an Ebook; Sell an Article.   You should modify instructions below based on the screen details depending upon the specific type of service/product you choose to sell).


 Title and Description

Fill in all relevant details for your service including: Service Title, Price, Description.

Your title should be short and descriptive and provide enough information for the buyer to make a decision at a glance when scanning the service listings.   

Provide an accurate description of your service, clearly specifying what you will and will not do, so there is no misunderstanding later on.  The description is your sales page, so be sure it is enticing enough to a potential buyer. 



Next, you should create 'Instructions to Buyer' telling the Buyer what he must do to start the order. 

Depending on what type of service you are offering, you might need for buyer to provide a Twitter or Instagram username or link to a forum. 

Choose a Category

Select a category and add tags that most closely suits the service you are offering.



Specify maximum number of days to complete.  Your deadline should be realistic and include enough time to adequately complete the work with revisions.


Adding Images

You can upload images of work samples, customer testimonials, infographics or anything that will help better explain the service you are offering.

You may upload jpeg, jpg, gif and png format images.  Only use an image that you have rights to use.  Do not use an image that is already in use by another seller. 



Specify location - right/center/disabled.  Click the 'Add More Images' links to add additional images. 

Adding Extras, Coupons and Guarantees

To add extras, click the button next to 'Add extras to this service'. 

Specify Title, Price and Days to complete for each extra service. 


Specify other details such as coupons, guarantee, subscription status or instant download.  


 Publish your Service

Once you have made your selections, click SUBMIT to publish your service to the site. 



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