How to edit or remove a rating/feedback/review

For buyers:

Once you submit a rating you have 20 days to edit the rating. You can leave a rating up to 30 days after the order completes. 

Editing allows you to change the text and/or the negative/positive rating. To edit the rating, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the service URL that you ordered
  2. Find your rating in the list under the service description
  3. Click the Edit button
  4. Change the text and rating then click Submit

To completely remove a rating, please submit a new ticket with the order number for the rating.


For sellers:

It is SEOClerks policy that we cannot simply remove any negative feedback without 100% just cause determined on a case by case basis or the buyer is in agreement to have the feedback removed.

All buyers are entitled to their opinion regarding something they're spending money on and if they happen to feel negatively about it then they have the right to do so.

If you work something out with the buyer in which they agree to the feedback being removed please direct them to create a ticket for it's removal.



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