How to boost your service

When you boost your service, it will appear on the homepage and also category homepage. Boosting your service ensures that buyers see your service first.  If a buyer sees your service, they will be more likely to purchase. 

You can boost your service by logging into your account and going to the boost url   Click boost now under the service title you want to boost. 


Paid Boosts

We no longer offer free boosts, only paid boosts which are the only option for boosting a service.

A paid boost will automatically boosts your service again n 12 hours and includes 4 hours of highlight.


Paid boosts are an official site service and can be purchased here:

5 boosts for $3 

10 boosts for $5 

20 boosts for $8  

As with all official site services, paid boosts are non-refundable after purchase. 

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