Why was my service deleted?

Currently, we are providing heavy moderation to ensure only the highest quality services are available in the SEOClerks Marketplace.

If your service has been selected for moderation, it will be reviewed by a staff member at the earliest possible convenience. And, if approved, your service will appear on site.

If your service is rejected, you will receive an email explaining the reason for rejection.

Here are a few of the more common reasons a service can be deleted.

  • Account not allowed to create services (high fraud risk)
  • Asking for contact info/direct payment
  • Bad description/title 
  • Bad/incomplete instructions
  • Copyright image used 
  • Deadline mismatch
  • Disallowed service
  • Duplicate service by same seller 
  • Illegal/scam service
  • Inappropriate image
  • Not in English 
  • No rights to resell
  • Not the owner/creator
  • Price in title
  • Spam
  • Wrong category
  • Frequently asked questions.

Why was my service chosen for moderation/review?

If your account is deemed high fraud risk (such as above 50% SiftScore), your service will automatically be flagged for review.

How long will it take for review?

Typically, all services are reviewed within an hour of submission. However, due to time constraints on staff, please allow up to 24 hours before submitting a ticket to ask about your service.

What are my options now that my service has been deleted?

If you feel your service was wrongly deleted, you may file a support ticket for assistance. Please do not submit your service again until you have contacted support desk as doing so could result in restriction on your account.

Why was my software deleted?

Please contact support desk to provide proof of ownership.

As always, Ionicware Inc retains the right to delete any service for any reason (specified or otherwise) if deemed to be a violation of our content guidelines or Terms of Service. 

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